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Super Mario Run is finally available on your iPhone and iPad. Nintendo’s famous Mario character is now mobile. Run, dash, jump, and flip through awesome levels that are designed to be played on mobile devices. There’s three game modes which means there’s a ton of things to do.

Race through vibrant levels, try to impress Toads, and battle your friends for the best score. Once you’ve collected coins and Toads you can even create your own kingdom.

Don’t miss out on this awesome new adventure. Download it now from the links below for your iPad and iPhone devices.

Tips and Tricks

High Jump

Tap your screen to jump. The longer you hold down on your screen the higher Mario will jump!

Midair Spin

This is one of the most important moves Mario can do. It allows you to stay in the air a bit longer. To do the midair spin, simply tap on your screen again when Mario is in mid air. He’ll do a spin and gain a second of extra air time. This is useful when you’re trying for an item that’s just barely out of reach.

Don’t Jump

Since this game is designed to be played with one hand, it’s easy to just continuously tap on your screen to jump over and over again. Sometimes not jumping can be the best decision. Mario automatically jumps over small objects so it’s not always the best move to keep jumping around. You could end up falling into a hole!

Use Pause Blocks

Red blocks with a pause sign will pause the timer and stop Mario. Sometimes you want to avoid these like if you have good momentum and have no desire to slow down. But other times these blocks can save your life. A lot of times these blocks will be placed before a section of the levels where you have the option to run in different directions. Pausing for a moment will let you catch a glimpse of what’s ahead so you can make the best decision.


When Mario falls in a hole or gets hit by an enemy, he gets put inside a bubble. The bubble will float around slowly going backwards through the level. Tap your screen where you want to be released. Popping the bubble in the right spot can actually allow you to get some missed coins, or get you to a location on the level you missed.

Unlock Characters

You can unlock characters in Super Mario Run. Some of these characters have extra moves, like Luigi’s extra high jump or Yoshi’s stutter jump. You can unlock Toad by linking your Nintendo account with the app. After doing that you can unlock Toad from the My Nintendo menu. Switch characters by tapping the character portrait on the bottom right of the screen after you select a level.

Mission Rewards

Sometimes after accomplishing certain objectives, you can redeem rewards. This is not the most obvious thing, but it can be done by hitting the “My Nintendo” button on the main menu and going to the “Missions” tab.

Use Hammers

As you go through the game, you will receive Hammers. These hammers can be used to remove large stone Thwomps that are crowding the Mushroom Kingdom!

Expand Mushroom Kingdom

The beginning Mushroom Kingdom is pretty small, but it turns out you can make expand the empire. As you progress through levels, you can use red, green, and blue Toads, you can use coins to buy Rainbow Bridge, which can add screens to the Kingdom and create room for expansion.


There’s a tips page within Super Mario Run which can be hard to locate. If you tape the menu button on the bottom left of the screen and go into your notebook, there’s a section named tips and tricks that has a few useful hints.


Super Mario Run

  • Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • File Size: 205 MB
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Category: Games
  • Content Rating: 4+

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