Telegram is a popular free messaging app that can be used and synced across multiple devices ranging from computers, tablets, mobile phones, and more. With Telegram, you can send messages, videos, and other files such as doc, zip, pdf, etc… in high speed without limits. Message history can also be synced seamless across all devices.

Telegram prides itself on protecting your privacy with encrypted messages, and the ability to self destruct messages. It’s reliable, fast, secure, and free which is why it’s quickly becoming one of the world’s leading free messaging apps.


  • One of the most reliable messaging system, which can also work on weak connections
  • Connects to closest servers, meaning it’s always fast
  • Encrypted messages means it’s one of the most secure messaging apps out there
  • Telegram can be downloaded for free, and there’s no ads
  • Telegram will never compromise your privacy, and never let anyone know your personal data
  • Saves logs in cloud, so you can access previous messages and sync at any time
  • Group chat allows users to chat with up to 200 members at once


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